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Novi Asbestos Testing offered by HIAS

Do you ever wonder if the construction materials used in your house or business contain asbestos? If that’s the case, you need to know that getting Novi asbestos testing done by Home Inspection All Star is a really wise choice. There’s no way of knowing whether something like drywall, insulation, or tile have asbestos using your naked eye. The only method to know for sure will be to take a sample and take it to be examined by a microscope. Since asbestos is really unsafe to your health, it’s critical to take actions as a way to assess actual asbestos levels (and then organize asbestos abatement, when it is needed).

In order to assist you receive the best asbestos testing in Novi that you want and deserve, we’ll offer you different options for gathering samples in many places, all options provide impartial results and are shipped to you in accordance with industry “best standards”. We take no part in the asbestos removal, so you may trust that the test results which you receive are accurate. If you pick us, you’ll have the adherence to standards and accuracy that you expect, and you also won’t be overcharged for your own testing.

All About Asbestos

asbestos-example Asbestos is a fibrous heat-resistant silicate mineral. In the past, asbestos was a common feature of many household items (pipes are just one of several examples), because the risks of asbestos exposure were poorly recognized. Nowadays, the presence of asbestos is perceived as a huge danger to the health and well-being of residents and visitors…and rightly so.

This list of six minerals are fibers which have been marked by the Environmental Protection Agency as asbestos; crocidolite, amosite, serpentine, amphibole, tremolite, and chrysotile. All these has been labeled as a carcinogen to persons. The presence of asbestos is related to the occurrence of cancers, like malignant mesothelioma (a form of cancer which affects the pleural lining of the heart, lungs or belly), removing this very toxic mineral is critical. However, the sole way to learn if asbestos is genuinely present is to do testing which is completely fail-safe. Home Inspection All Star Novi offers the form of professional Novi asbestos testing which is needed, we are able to provide critical information that can help protect you and others against asbestos exposure.

Where You May Find Asbestos in a Business

Here is a complete list of places that will contain asbestos in your house or business. It’s worth noting the things which are normally examined are those having the potential to eventually become airborne. Most typically sheetrock, insulation, and tile.

  • Exterior Locations: Any Decks, Roof Felt, Shingles, Deck Undersheeting
  • Places with Insulation: Attic Insulation, Batt Insulation, Wall Insulation
  • Floors: Vinyl Sheets, Undersheeting, Tiles
  • Heaters, Boilers, and Piping
  • Air-duct Liner
  • Acoustical Tiles, Popcorn Ceilings, Drywall, Textured Paint
  • Lamp Sockets, Outlet Boxes, Switch Boxes, Recessed Lighting, Panel/Fuse Boxes
  • Range Hoods, Clothes Dryers, Water Heaters
  • Dishwashers

Why Look out for Asbestos in Novi, Michigan

Asbestos Closeup The most important time to test for asbestos in Novi is when you are remodeling or doing a demolition on the house which has building materials which you imagine might contain asbestos. Taking down drywall or ripping up tile is really what causes asbestos to go airborne and be very unsafe.

Why samples must constantly be submitted whenever it’s a chance that is. Whether or not asbestos is present is going to be considered a large determining factor in what must happen with that point on.

Knowing status, you’ll be ready to decide the best way to proceed. We’ll give the reality to you that you want, as a way to ensure you can to make a sensible and knowledgeable choice about arranging asbestos removal. So, why not reach out to our care and seasoned team members today? We’ll supply you with cost-effective screening that surpasses all of your expectations, while also offering you the personalized and caring customer service that you simply have earned.

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Our Novi asbestos testing service can be found as an add on service to the home inspection or get something tested alone. Only inspectors which are certified can gather these samples for you. In the event the home inspector we’ve got in your area isn’t certified in asbestos or you’d like an even more cost efficient strategy to get samples analyzed, you can provide them all to us and also just gather samples. Ensure that you contact us before this so we can provide you secure procedures for collection.

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