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HIAS offers Leavenworth mold testing as an add-on service to ascertain if elevated levels of mold exist within the home being inspected. Although this service is available to everyone, it is usually just recommended when a red flag is raised. If our Leavenworth home inspector sees any problems like water intrusion, excess moisture, or visible mold growing they are going to recommend this service to ascertain whether there is a problem with the home’s indoor air quality.

It releases mold spores in the atmosphere, whenever mold is present. We inhale these spores on a normal basis and most is usually nothing to worry about. Yet, when a problem exists within a residence the quantity of nontoxic spores can cause problems for people’s immune systems. Indoor growing can also create the presence of other toxic species of mold like Stachybotrys; which is not okay at any given level.

Our Leavenworth mold testing process is as follows. First we take an external atmosphere sample as a control to set a benchmark for what’s normal and okay within the place. It’s then compared to the place of biggest concern. Additional samples might be wise to help support a source of a problem, or see how much a problem has spread. That is wholly based on the situation at hand, multiple problem areas will equal more recommended samples. Each sample is $75 each, with the minimum required being 2 due to the control sample.

All Leavenworth, Kansas mold tests that are collected are delivered to an independent AIHA accredited laboratory for evaluation. Here they will determine not only what species of mold is present but also how much of it. You will be sent a copy of the lab results and explanation of findings will probably be contained in your home inspection report. Customers that do have elevated levels of mold will be provided with a protocol for mold removal that ought to be managed by a professional mold remediation business in order to get rid of the problem.

In case you are searching for this service but aren’t interested in a complete home inspection, we do provide this service as a standalone mold inspection as well. We trust that this provides a clearer understand to you about our Leavenworth mold testing services. Once you learn you’ll like this service prior to reserving your home inspection, please make sure to request that it is in fact accessible your place as an add-on service. You can reserve your home inspection here or give a call to us at (855) 357-5782.

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