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Once you are given your home inspection report, most people will have various improvements to make around the dwelling. It is very common for homeowners like yourself to ask us for recommendations on who to use for these repairs. Our San Jose home inspector has taken time to gather a list of trustworthy companies in the area for various services. Please recognize that Home Inspection All Star is not united with any of these companies and does not take any compensation if you choose to use their service. This is simply a reference for our clients as we want to assist in every way possible. Please let us know if you have a poor experience with one of the companies listed so we can consider removing them. On the flip side of that, if you use someone who is not listed and would like to recommend them please message us as well.

San Jose Electrician

San Jose Electrician

Taylor Electrical Construction

Phone number: (408) 278-8888

751 Azule Ave

San Jose, CA 95123

San Jose Landscaper

San Jose landscaper

Affordable Landscape and Design

Phone number: (408) 429-0383

88 Tully Rd

San Jose, CA 95111

San Jose Painter

San Jose Painters

J R Painting

Phone number: (408) 628-7896

906 Willow St

Ste 4202

San Jose, CA 95125

San Jose Plumber

San Jose plumber

Northstar Plumbing & Drain

Phone number: (408) 757-7270

842 Diadem Dr

San Jose, CA 95116

San Jose Roofer

San Jose Roofer

Woods Roofing

Phone number: (408) 266-7707

1584 Branham Ln

Ste 136

San Jose, CA 95118

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