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After you receive your home inspection report, most people will have assorted improvements to make around the house. It is very common for our clients like yourself to ask us for guidance on who to use for these repairs. Our Omaha home inspector has taken time to arrange a list of dependable companies in the area for various services. Please acknowledge that Home Inspection All Star is not affiliated with any of these companies and does not earn any compensation if you choose to use their service. This is simply a list for our customers as we want to aid in every way possible. Please let us know if you have a negative with one of the companies listed so we can consider removing them. On the other side of that, if you use a company who is not listed and would like to recommend them please let us know as well.

Omaha Electrician

Omaha Electrician

Miller Electric Co

Phone number: (402) 341-6479

2501 St. Marys Ave

Omaha, NE 68105

Omaha Landscaper

Omaha landscaper

Maple 85 Premium Landscape Mulch Center

Phone number: (402) 397-8278

8415 Maple St

Omaha, NE 68134

Omaha Painter

Omaha Painters

Cutting Edge Painting

Phone number: (402) 415-1549

Omaha, NE 68127

Omaha Plumber

Omaha plumber

Paul the plumber

Phone number: (402) 596-0200

Omaha, NE 68127

Omaha Roofer

Omaha Roofer

Premier Exteriors

Phone number: (402) 281-0209

4780 S 131 St

Ste 130

Omaha, NE 68137

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