By: The All Star Team October 17, 2013

Home Inspection

We are ALWAYS looking for quality Certified Home Inspectors. Our goal is to be able to offer a home inspection anywhere at anytime. Even if we have a full-time inspector, we keep a list of qualified back-up inspectors for when we are backed up with jobs and/or the inspector we are using needs to be replaced. Every Home Inspection ALL Star must meet all of the following guidelines.

  • Certified Home Inspector

  • Licensed if State Requires Licensing

  • $1 Million in Liability AND Errors and Omissions Insurance

  • Over 50 Home Inspections Performed

  • Pass a Criminal Background Check

  • Random Drug Testing

  • Proficient with Technology

 If you believe you qualify to be a Home Inspection ALL STAR, please submit your resume and 2 home inspection reports for consideration.

Call for Quote: (855) 357-5782 Home Inspection All Star