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Home Inspection ColumbusIf you have been searching for the best Columbus home inspection company around, you have come to the right place. We operate much differently than most one man operations or franchises in Columbus offering this service. The problem with small companies is the owner is usually the one performing the inspection, so if you have an issue you’ll be complaining to the person you had an issue with and in most cases nothing gets done. With franchises you are at the mercy of who bought into the brand and from there on out they operate just like the little guy with little repercussion from wrong doing or poor performance. With Home Inspection All Star, if someone is not living up to the prestigious name we will find someone to replace them that will. Even if that means we have to place our services on hold for a certain period of time. Before we hire anyone a background check is performed to ensure they qualify to be offering home inspections in Columbus and surrounding area. We also follow up with each client to ensure they were satisfied and see what else we can do to better our service. Essentially we do our due diligence and hard work so you don’t have to!

If this is your first time hiring a home inspector in Columbus or any other area for that matter, you may not be sure of exactly what is included. We’ve attempted to provide as much information as we possibly can on this website and have customer service representatives standing by to answer any questions personally if needed. Some people think that a home inspectors job is to point out every little thing that is wrong with the house. While we may point out small cosmetic defects while on site, those little details that your average person can see will not be included in the report most of the time. Our job is to evaluate the structure and systems within the house that are currently defective or are my malfunction in the near future. If there is something at the property that will cost a good deal of money to fix or replace it will be noted in the home inspection report. Here is a sample list of what we will be evaluating:

  • Roofing and Ventilation
  • Chimney
  • Soffits, Facia & Trim
  • Gutters and down spouts
  • Exterior Walls
  • Windows and Doores
  • Foundation and Basement
  • Structure from Attic to Crawlspace
  • Grading of property
  • Decks, patios and exterior stairs
  • Electrical and Outlets
  • Water heater
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC System
  • Appliances
  • Bathrooms and Fixtures
  • General Living Spaces
  •  Garages
  • Walkways and Driveways


Columbus Home Inspector

Our Columbus Home Inspector

HIAS is proud to offer the services of Jason Hatfield, a certified, licensed and insured Columbus Home Inspector. His qualifications include education from Hondros Business school in Westerville, inspection training through NACHI, and 15 years as a professional carpenter. For the past 5 years Jason has been serving Columbus and surrounding areas as a well respected home inspector. On top of that he also teaches skilled trades at a local Columbus vocational school. Over the years we have heard nothing but glowing reviews from his customers and are sure he will provide the same quality service for you. As a master inspector and a member of International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Jason adheres to a strict code of ethics. We are sure that you will be pleased with his customer service and final report. Jason is also certified in all of the following fields.

  • Mold Certified
  • Annual Home Maintenance
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Interior / Exterior
  • Roof Inspector
  • Moisture Intrusion
  • Plumbing Inspector

Cost for Columbus Home Inspection

Cost of a Home Inspection in Columbus

It is important to remember that a home is not just a place that you are going to live, but for most people the biggest investment of your lives. So when shopping around for someone to complete your Columbus home inspection, it is important to consider many things other than the price. In order to offer this service legally, you need to adhere to all Ohio State Regulations on home inspectors. There is a certain cost of doing business legally that is obviously reflected in pricing of qualified home inspectors. We need to pay for education, licensing and insurance along with quality reporting software. If you see someone offering a very low price there is a good chance that they are not playing by all the rules or even worse lack experience. Trying to save a few dollars on this can cost you thousands in repairs if defects are missed and not noted in the report. A quality home inspection can truly be the difference between making a good deal or a bad one.

With that being said our cost to retain our service in Columbus starts at $300 and varies on the square footage (size), age, basements, and location as there may be a small drive fee if you are outside the normal service area; within 25 miles of Columbus. We also offer many add on services like mold testing and water testing that obviously are additional costs. To estimate how much your Columbus home inspection cost is, we have created this detailed pricing guide. You can also request a quote via the for on this website or simply give us a call at (614) 706-5993. Additional services we offer in this area:


You’ll Love Home Inspection All Star Columbus!

Hopefully you can see that there really is no downside to using our service. Home Inspection All Star Columbus accepts no less than excellence and we are sure you will be happy with the service you receive from Jason Hatfield. With a proven track record of satisfied customers and the ability to offer various environmental services while on site rather than having to pay even more for a specialist, why would you choose anyone else? Not to mention we will match the price of any home inspector that we can verify is following all state laws.

To get the process started for reserving a specific day and time for a home inspection in Columbus or surrounding area we offer a variety of options. Either fill out the request a quote form on this website, send us an email if you have specific questions, or just pick up the phone and give us a call for immediate service. We have customer service representatives standing by at all times, our phone number is (614) 706-5993. We can’t wait to service you!


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Home Inspection All Star Columbus offers the entire area quality property assessments by experienced and trusted home inspectors. Why choose anyone else when our team ensures you will receive a quality experience and report. Accept no less than an All Star, call us today!

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