Boston Mold Inspection & Testing

As you already understand a house is not just somewhere you live, it is also a large purchase; for most the substantial one they will make in their lifetime. Boston Testing may be recommended if our employee notes clear mold, excess moisture or water intrusion. If a property has elevated levels of mold that require professional removal, that can most certainly change the amount of the house. The good news is that each of our inspectors are knowledgable in the field and equipped to complete sampling so you will not have to pay even more money for a another technician to come out and carry out a supplementary inspection.

Boston Mold Inspection

Boston mold Inspection

This service is especially suitable for those looking at foreclosures and homes that have been unused for extended periods of time. While this service is accessible to every one, it is generally only recommended when a red flag is raised. A visual Boston mold inspection is included on every complete home inspection. Without testing, these is no way to know the levels of mold at a property. Many clients feel that paying a little extra price is well worth knowing they are not buying someone else’s problems; even if the inspector does not see any visible problems.

Mold spores are all over, we inhale these spores on a┬áconsistent basis and generally it is nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, when a problem is present within a dwelling the quantity of nontoxic spores can cause problems for people’s respiratory systems. Indoor growth can likewise create the existence of other toxic species of mold like Stachybotrys; which isn’t admissible at any level inside a building.

Boston Mold Testing

Boston Mold Testing

Our Boston mold testing┬ámeasurement is as follows. First we take one air sample as a control to set a standard for what is to be normal inside a home in the area. It’s then compared to the place of biggest concern or a general living area if there are not any visible problems found. Additional samples may be recommended to help confirm a source of a problem, or see if other areas of the home have been tainted. Additional samples can be submitted at $75 each. Every situation is different and there is really no way of know how many will be┬árecommended but commonly it is 2-4 total.

After these mold tests are collected on site, they are sent to an recognized AIHA accredited laboratory for investigation. Here they will find out not only what species of mold is present but also how much of each. You will be sent a duplicate of the lab results and explanation of findings will be part of your home inspection report. Customers that do have increased levels of mold will be provided a protocol for mold removal steps to be carried our by a qualified mold remediation group.

Home Inspection All Star Boston also offers mold inspection and testing as a stand alone service. So if you’re searching for this service but aren’t interested in a complete home inspection, please check our pricing and call us if you have any concerns. You can also find out more about mold testing on this site. Otherwise simply send us an email or give us a call at (617) 657-3669 when you are wanting to schedule, we will be delighted to schedule your mold testing.

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