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{After|Once} you {receive|obtain|are given} your home inspection report, most people will have {assorted|several|various} improvements to make around the {house|home|dwelling}. It is very common for {our clients|our customers|homeowners} like yourself to ask us for {guidance|instruction|recommendations} on who to use for these repairs. Our Albuquerque home inspector has taken time to {arrange|compile|gather} a list of {dependable|reputable|trustworthy} companies in the area for various services. Please {acknowledge|note|recognize} that Home Inspection All Star is not {affiliated|connected|united} with any of these companies and does not {earn|receive|take} any compensation if you choose to use their service. This is simply a {list|resource|reference} for our {customers|clients} as we want to {aid|help|assist} in every way possible. Please let us know if you have a {negative|poor experience with one of the companies listed so we can consider removing them. On the {other|flip} side of that, if you use {a company|someone} who is not listed and would like to recommend them please {let us know|do so|message us} as well.


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