Wind Mitigation and Homeowner’s Insurance

If you live in Florida or another coastal state, your home is more likely to be damaged by wind associated with hurricanes and other storms. As such, your homeowner’s insurance policy comes at a higher premium than you would find for similar homes in other states. An inspection could help you save money.

Wind damage can wreck havoc on a home. From broken windows to a collapsed roof, and more, your insurance company must pay for damage according to the details of your policy. In a home without wind mitigation features, the insurance company is at a higher risk. When you are higher risk, you will pay for it with a higher premium.

Your premiums may be adjusted based on the number of storms that come through your area in the span of a few years. Statistically, the more hurricanes in your local area, the higher your annual premium will be.

What is a wind mitigation inspection?

A wind mitigation inspection takes a look at certain features of your home to determine how wind resistant the home is.  It looks at things such as:

  • Concrete block construction
  • Impact resistant glass
  • Secondary water resistance barrier
  • Gable and bracing
  • Hip roof
  • Window shutters
  • Reinforced garage doors

Based on the features your home has, the inspector will provide a report. You can take the report to your insurance company to see if it will help you qualify for any discounts.

Which structures qualify for wind mitigation inspection?

The following structures qualify for wind mitigation inspection:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Multi-Family Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Condominiums
  • Townhomes

Only the homeowner should order an inspection. As a renter, you are not responsible for the homeowner’s insurance. If you are curious about your home, talk to your landlord to see if he or she has had an inspection recently. It may also help you get a reduced renter’s insurance rate.

How much could you save?

In the first year alone, you could save anywhere from 10% to 40% on your homeowner’s insurance premium. Considering a single family home inspection will run between $100 and $150, the inspection will pay for itself in no time. Commercial building inspections and multi-family building inspections will cost more. Expect to spend anywhere from $200 to $500 per building in those situations.

Depending on your insurance company and what the inspection report says, your insurance company may give you a discount in addition to a refund check for premiums already paid.

Why does it save money?

If your home is stronger and more wind resistant than others, you are less likely to suffer from extreme damage. When you are less of a risk to the insurance company, they will not charge you as much for your coverage.

How often should I have an inspection?

A single inspection should do wonders for your insurance rate. If you notice your premiums start creeping back up after a discount, talk to the insurance company to find out why.

If the insurance company has raised your rates because of more frequent storms in your area, it is because they are now more likely to have to pay out on your policy to help you cover the cost of repairs after a storm. It may be time to consider upgrading certain features of your home.

If you do any remodeling projects to strengthen your home against wind damage, then it is certainly time for another wind mitigation inspection. For instance, if you install a new reinforced garage door, or redo your roof, then you may get a better inspection report.

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