What Isn’t Covered in a Home Inspection?

Having a home inspection conducted is routine. While home inspectors can be quite intensive on their searching and checking of homes, there are things that they might not do. Since the average length of an inspection lasts between two to four hours, it’s surprising to think that they would miss something.

As stated on this website, you can see that there are things that aren’t always looked at. Use this article as a guide to make sure that things are inspected thoroughly.  It never hurts to ask the person doing the home inspection questions.


Just make sure that the questions being asked are the ones that you’re most concerned with and plan on doing some research. It helps to know what they will be looking at so you don’t ask questions about things they’ll already be doing during the inspection. This will prevent you from slowing down the process.

Don’t Do What?

Common sense will be used when doing a home inspection and a thorough checklist is essential for doing it right. With the inspection lasting several hours, the inspector will check for issues involving the exterior, interior, plumbing, AC/Heat, walls, floors, basements, and attic of the home.

Some of the things that are not usually looked at include:

  • Fence – The fence that is up around the backyard is great, but not a necessity as part of the home. They’re often overlooked and not included in the appraisal value of the home.
  • Extra Buildings – Storage units, tool sheds, and even workshops are not inspected. They’re not a part of the overall structure of the home and not part of the inspection process. However, they can be included at any time by request.
  • Extra Gadgets – This category usually includes underground sprinkler systems, outside security lighting (unless it’s attached to the home directly), and/or pool systems. Like extra buildings, they can be included upon request at the time of inspection.

Inspectors will do a very thorough inspection and will give you an honest report about what they find. However, they’re not obligated to tell you if they have any idea of the condition of the floors underneath carpet as that is unseen. The same applies with walls and underground wiring. They’re unable to determine what condition things are in when they are unseen and so will not be included in the home inspection.

Out of Their Hands

Sometimes an inspector might run into things that they are not qualified to determine such as the house is on a hill, cut into a hill, and/or the house has shifted. On these occasions, they will recommend that the buyer call in a licensed geologist or equivalent engineer to look at these and address these types of situations. All other situations they can usually handle themselves and will without hesitation.


The overall goal of the home inspection is to satisfactorily determine if there are any major problems with the home and if so, to get them fixed as quickly as possible. A home inspector will check everything that is required of them and if there is any that the buyer would like to have checked out they will inspect them as well.

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