What a Positive Mold Test Means

Mold. This four letter word can cause many to panic when it comes to selling or buying a home. Having a home test done for mold is something that all home sellers and buyers should have done before closing on a house. This can give an indication if there is anything that is wrong and if things are serious enough that they need to be fixed.

Always There

Mold will always be present in any home no matter how hard you try to remove it. Humidity, moisture, and wet areas exist even when you work hard to prevent them. They will always be present and so will the mold. But the biggest factor will be to determine what kind or type of mold is present. This will then determine what kind of removal (if any) will be necessary and how extreme the mold is.

Types of Molds

Molds in homes are always going to present in some form. They might not be there in such small percentages that they aren’t noticeable. Others can be there in large enough percentages that they are very noticeable and can cause many health problems. As stated by the state of Illinois, mold can affect ones health in many ways.

Some of the forms of mold are:

  • Penicillium
  • Cladosporium
  • Memnoniella
  • Stachybotrys
  • Mucor
  • Alternaria

All of these can be found in homes, but not all at the same time. If any of these are found, check to see how much of the mold exists. At that time then check and see what you can do to eradicate the mold.

Health and Mold

Mold isn’t good for humans but we have to deal with it every day. While mold isn’t good for us, some of it is extremely dangerous to us. Stachybotrys as it is called in the scientific world or as most know it as being called black mold, can cause headaches, cancer, and other health problems. Memnoniella is commonly found right along with black mold and can also produce toxins that can harm your health.


When having the home or place tested, some say you can use Do-it-Yourself testing kits. Others say that they don’t work and instead have a professional do the testing. Use both if that will make you feel better about the whole process. A professional can use testing and then give a really good feedback on what the problem is, how to take care of it, and what they will need to do.

However, be wary of all mold inspectors as some have been known to be frauds, so make sure to do research on any inspector or clean up company before hiring them.

Mold is a scary thing to deal with, yet we deal with it every day without knowing. The hype about mold is that all mold is bad and yet while this is true, not all mold is bad in small amounts. We deal with mold every day and we usually don’t realize it. It’s the mold that we hear about in the news and medical websites that scare us and for good reason.

Being mindful of a positive test when buying or selling a home or even if you feel there might be a mold problem, is important. Never put off having someone come in and take care of the problem. If you do you might end up with a bigger problem in which many major repairs have to be done, or having major health issues. Both of these can mean thousands of dollars and many days and nights of worry and headache. Neither of which are wanted.

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