The Ultimate Guide to Radon Testing

If radon testing is on your mind, there is a good chance you are worried that your current home has this problem or you are in the process of purchasing a new property. Either way, you don’t want to ignore the fact that this is a serious problem that can have negative impacts on your health over the long term.

The EPA has shared the following information with the public:

  • Test your home for radon to find out for sure if you have a problem. This is both simple and affordable.
  • If you find that the radon level in your home is 4 picocuries per liter, or pCi/L, or higher it is time to take action.
  • Even if radon levels are less than 4 pCi/L you need to realize this can still be a problem, and may want to consider options for mitigation.

Testing for Radon is Essential

There is no way of knowing if there is radon in your home until you test for it. After all, this gas cannot be seen or smelled. For this reason, you need to use an approved test to ensure that you find out once and for all if this is a concern.

The good thing about testing for radon is that a definitive answer can be had in no time at all. Along with this, it should only take a few minutes of your time to setup a test.

Tip: for those who do not want to test for radon on their own, there are licensed radon contractors who can visit your home and do everything for you. From setting up the test to sending you the results, this is 100 percent hands off.

Short Term Testing

The quickest way to test for radon is with a short tem test. This type of test can take anywhere from two to 90 days to complete, but in most cases it will be on the lower side.

If you need results in a hurry, such as if you are testing a home you want to purchase, relying on a short term test is the best option.

Long Term Testing

A long term test is one that will remain in your home for more than 90 days. While this may sound like an inconvenience, the primary benefit is that you are going to get a more accurate readout. This will help you get a better idea of your home’s year-round average level as opposed to a smaller sample.

A Radon Problem can be Fixed

It is easy to believe that an issue with radon is one that is going to have a negative impact on your home. Some even feel that they should move if this gas is entering their property.

While this is a serious problem, it can be fixed if you take the proper steps. Did you know that radon mitigation systems can reduce levels in your home by up to 99 percent? In other words, these systems are extremely effective.

If you are in need of a radon reduction system, you will want to contact an experienced radon contractor. This is not a do it yourself job. You should never avoid a radon test because you are afraid of what you will find. It is better to know that you are facing this issue than to act like it is not there. The EPA is serious about radon, and you should be as well. Test your home every one to two years to ensure that it is radon free. This will put your mind at ease.

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