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A home inspection is a necessity even when buying a brand new home. There could be potential problems not visible to the untrained eye. For that reason alone, a home inspector is needed. The trained professional scouts out issues with the home and offers advice on how to remedy them before you commit to purchasing.

We are about to list numerous things that you should ask and/or look for when choosing a home inspector. We’ve already done all the due diligence at Home Inspection All Star to deliver the best and most qualified inspector in your area. Even if you hire us, it does not hurt to ask these questions as knowledge is power.

Find the Best Home Inspector in the Area

When looking for a home inspector, there are some questions you should ask to determine if they’re equipped and experienced enough to work with you. The following list will help you decide whether the company performing the home inspection is right for you:

  • Are they ASHI certified?
  • Do they come highly recommended from the realtor?
  • Are they a general contractor or specialize in electrical and plumbing?
  • Do they inspect on the side or is it their full-time job?
  • What type of report will they fill out?
  • How long will the inspection take?
  • Do they carry Errors and Emissions Insurance which protects you in the event that the inspector misses something significant?

Addition questions will arise as time goes on. Feel free to ask the home inspector whatever’s on your mind. It’s better to be well-informed than to be misinformed about the home inspection process.

Time is of the Essence

You’ll want to have the home inspected as soon as possible. You’ll also want to be present at the time that the inspection takes place. It’s very important that you’re available to greet the home inspector.

You can also double check areas of the home that the inspector may or may not include in their report. Look under rugs, check the insides of closets, and examine appliances inside and out. These are things that a home inspector might miss and wind up costing you in the long run.

Things That Will Be Inspected

A home inspection can take several hours to complete. You should free time out of your schedule to attend the entire event. Some of the areas of the home that will be inspected include:

  • Foundation. Does it look structurally sound? Are there cracks or traces of moisture? Does it look like the foundation has shifted?
  • General Construction. Does the home look like it was built well?
  • Exterior. Does the exterior need repair or construction?
  • Plumbing. How is the plumbing system? Is it leaky or is there problems with the water pressure?
  • Electrical. Is there dangerous conditions? Is wiring and breaker boxes up to code?
  • Heating and Cooling Systems. What is the age of the systems? Do they heat and cool the entire home adequately? What does the maintenance record look like?
  • Kitchen. What is the age and condition of the appliances found in the kitchen? Are there broken seals and indication of leaks anywhere you can see them?
  • Bathrooms. Are there leaks? Is the floor solid? Is the plumbing working effectively?
  • Garages and Other Attached Structures. How are the decks, garages, and sheds?
  • Roof. When was the roof last replaced? Are there missing shingles? Does it leak?

A home inspection checklist can prevent you from overlooking an area of the home.

Don’t Let Cost Keep a Home from Being Inspected

When you’re not aware of existing problems, it can be very difficult to detect them without the help of a professional home inspector. By increasing your knowledge about your home and the problems that might present themselves over the years, you walk away from the experience empowered and better equipped to handle what may come. Instead of requiring outside assistance for future home inspections, you can do it yourself for considerably less money.

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