How to Avoid Bad Home Inspectors

One thing many people dread when buying a new home is the home inspection and for good reason. Many would-be homeowners’ dreams on are crushed when major things are found wrong with a home and an impasse is created between buyer and current homeowner on who should pay for those fixes.

This happens from time-to-time but what’s worse is having a home inspection done and learning later on that the inspector wasn’t qualified or was outright crooked. Unfortunate for those involved, this happens, too.

Avoiding the Headaches

In some cases, a home inspector shows up and acts professional but something doesn’t set right with the buyer. They may be off-putting or extremely vague. They might act like you shouldn’t be there to do a walkthrough with them.

Here are a few of the scams that have been found to be out there concerning home inspectors. Be wary if they:

  • Not Certified and Licensed
  • Offer to do the repairs themselves.
  • Use a checklist from the company they work for.
  • Don’t know anything about plumbing or electrical.
  • Offers an Extremely Limited Report.

If any inspector starts to talk about the repair work needing to be done and that they can do the work, this is a big no-no. The reason for that is most states have laws in place that prohibit home inspectors from any work on a home they inspect for a year after doing the inspection. So, if an inspector starts talking like this, stop the inspection, and find someone new to work with.

Some inspectors aren’t licensed. They are just there to fill the job and have a checklist of things that they must look at before moving onto the next job. This can cost you big in the long run. If they aren’t licensed, find no problems, and there is a big issue found after the sale of the home, it can cost thousands of dollars to get it fixed and they might not be found liable for the expense.

If an inspector doesn’t know plumbing and electrical, they can make many mistakes. They won’t be able to tell if pipes are correct, or if wiring has an issue. Bad plumbing can mean major repairs in the future if things fall apart. Bad wiring can mean a fire, loss of belongings or worse death.

It can be quite evident how knowledgeable an inspector is by asking them simple questions about both plumbing and electrical. If you don’t feel their answers are adequate or they have a hard time answering them, stop what you’re doing and get a different inspector. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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