Do I Need a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Do you live in a coastal state? Do you live in an area prone to tornadoes? If so, then you may be able to benefit from a wind mitigation inspection. This will help you see how well your home may be able to stand up to the high winds and water often associated with major storms.

If you do not own your home, then you are not the one responsible for the wind mitigation inspection. An insurance company may ask you to provide a copy of your landlord’s inspection before they give you renter’s insurance. You, as the tenant, will not be able to get an inspection yourself because you do not own the property.

What a wind mitigation inspection looks for

A wind mitigation inspection looks at a variety of aspects of your home to determine how resistant to wind damage it would be in a storm. It looks for things like:

  • Concrete block construction
  • Impact resistant glass
  • Secondary water resistance barrier
  • Gable and bracing
  • Hip roof
  • Window shutters
  • Reinforced garage doors

The home inspector will make notes about how the home is built and its wind resistance. Then, they will provide you with a certificate you can take to your homeowner’s insurance company to show that you qualify for discounts on your policy. Renters may also use it to get discounts on their rental policy, depending on the company they insure with.

Why you should consider a wind mitigation inspection

Most people consider a wind mitigation inspection because they know it can help them save money on their homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance policies. In the first year alone, it can help you save an average of anywhere from 10 to 45% on the premium.

Whether you have any or all of these wind mitigation features in your home, you should be able to see some sort of savings in terms of your insurance policy. Depending on your location within the coastal states, your windstorm insurance could make up the bulk of your policy premium, as much as 15 to 70%.

A wind mitigation inspection can also help you see where shortfalls are in your home, to help you prepare for and protect your home during the next storm. For instance, a simple kit for a few dollars at your local hardware store can help you reinforce your doors.

When you have properly mitigated your home against wind damage, you are creating safer environment, not for just you, but for those around you as well. When your home is wind resistant, it is less likely to have debris to send flying into the homes around you.

This makes for less damage overall, which makes for faster recovery and safer cleanup after a storm. This saves everyone time and money and lets all the citizens get back to work and “normal” life after a disaster.

When should I have a wind mitigation inspection?

You should have one when you purchase your homeowner’s insurance, or shortly thereafter. If possible, avoid an inspection during hurricane season (or tornado season) depending on where you live.

The inspection will take an hour or less in most cases, and will cost anywhere between $100 and $150 for a single family home. Plan on having one whenever you make adjustments to the home that could help improve its wind resistance. It will pay for itself in no time, and provide an extra peace of mind.

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