10 Tips to Keep Your Home in Shape

Whether you are considering buying a property or simply want to make sure your own is in good shape, you can always have a look at things before bringing a professional out. We’ve compiled a list of things you can look for yourself.

Inspect It Like a Pro

  • Look for anything out of the ordinary. Do you see, smell, feel, or hear anything unusual?
  • Check the exterior. Look for peeling paint, curling shingles, clogged gutters, and cracked caulk.
  • Check trees to make sure they aren’t touching electrical wires. When you’re outside the home, make sure that the branches of the trees are not touching power lines.
  • Check sidewalks, pathways, and driveways to prevent hazards. Cracks in asphalt can cause accidents to happen. It’s best to notice them now than to discover them too late.
  • Look at retaining walls to detect bulges. Heavy rainfall or snow can wreak havoc on the home. Make sure that the weep holes built into the wall are clear.
  • Take a look at windowsills for signs of mold and insects. You may need to have a special inspector come out to look for termites, beetles, and spores.
  • Analyze the attic. Does the roof leak? Is the insulation old or new? Is the roof truss structurally sound?
  • Look over the living spaces. How are vents? What does the wiring look like? Does moisture build up?  Are there water stains? Do the windows and doors stick?
  • Check the heater. Determine how old it is, how rusty its parts are, how well it’s been maintained, and whether or not it has loose parts.
  • Don’t forget the basement. Is the wood rotted? Are the joists making the floor weak? Is the foundation crack? Is the heater noisy?

These ten tips will help you discover potential problems that need attention. There are other areas of the home that you’ll want to focus on but you may not be able to get to them yourself. In fact, there are kits that help you detect mold and pests but treating it yourself is expensive and takes a lot of time.


Although it may seem like you can do a repair on your own easily, it isn’t always advisable. In fact, Consumerist.com showed some incredibly bad DIY projects gone awry. Think electrical outlets fit into vents and a piece cut out of a door so it will clear the toilet.

Buying a home is a big investment that requires you to look at every aspect of the home you are about to purchase. Initially you can take a look at the place on your own by following the tips above. If it still looks like something you want to purchase, it is best to get a certified home inspector to check everything from attic to crawlspace. This will give you a thorough list of everything that needs to be addressed at the home in question. Either the seller will do the work themselves to get the home ready for you or they can deduct the expense of the repairs from the selling price if it the results impact how you feel about the price of the house.

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