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By: The All Star Team October 16, 2013

Home Inspector

For most people, their home is likely the biggest purchase they will ever make. So whether you are purchasing a property and want to get an expert opinion, or simply want to make sure your home is in tip top shape; hiring a Certified Home Inspector is one of the best decisions you can possibly make. With literally countless home inspectors across the country claiming to be the best, how can you separate the good from the bad. The truth is that other than reading reviews or getting a referral from someone you know there is no way of know just how good that person coming to inspect your house really it.

The vast majority of home inspectors out there work independently. While there are plenty of people who run successful businesses this way, it also opens up the possibility for many problems. In fact, Home Inspection ALL STAR was founded to solve all of these problems and a different option, a better option.

Problem #1: You have no idea about the person coming to your house, and even people with criminal backgrounds can open their own business and offer services without notifying you.

  • Solution:  We do a thorough background check of each and every inspector that we bring on our team.

Problem #2: Independent inspectors are also the ones in charge of taking phone calls/emails and scheduling appointments. A good inspector should be spending a great deal of time doing inspections, leaving them unavailable to respond quickly.

  • Solution: We have a team of customer service agents standing by from 9 AM Eastern time to 6PM Pacific time. That means you have 12 hours of the day that you are GUARANTEED to reach someone who can help you!

Problem #3: If you are unhappy with your service, the only person that you can complain to is the inspector. They may attempt to improve their service, but the fact is they will go on offering sub par inspections without anyone being the wiser.

  •  Solution: We are constantly asking for customer feedback and monitoring inspection reports to evaluate our team’s performance. If it ever seems like the inspector we have is a problem, we are not afraid to replace them. This is why our team is full of ALL STAR inspectors, we settle for nothing but the best! 

Problem #4: Inspectors are operating without proper credentials and/or proper insurance.

  • Solution: Making sure the inspector is fully qualified and insured is part of our in depth background check. 

Problem 5: Other nationwide companies are franchised out. That inspector is essentially paying to be a part of that company. The corporate office has an obligation to keep providing them work. They can not entertain the thought of replacing them until their contract is up (usually a year minimum).

  • Solution: Home Inspection ALL STAR is NOT a franchise! We pick our inspectors based on who is most qualified and able to meet our high standards to keep working with us. 


Hopefully this opens your eyes as to exactly who we are and why we are a step above the rest! For more information or to schedule and inspection fill out the form for a quote or give us a call at 855-357-5782.

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