Mary C. from Oregon

"Everyone at Home Inspection All Star was wonderful to deal with. The customer service and home inspector were helpful!."

John Q. from Texas

"As a real estate agent, I love being able to call your company and get someone on the phone to set up a home inspection every time."

Nationwide Home Inspection Company | Quality Certified Home Inspectors

Home Inspection ALl Star offers quality residential assessments by certified home inspectors to people in every major metro area of the United States. We understand that for most people, a home is the biggest investment that they will ever make. So whether someone is making a purchase of a house or simply wants a check-up to ensure their family is safe, a home inspection is an extremely important service that should not be taken lightly.

The founders of this company were home inspectors themselves and they saw a major problem in the industry. What was that problem you ask? Quite frankly there is no way to tell who is coming to your home as most inspectors are small one man operations. Every single one of these people is going to tell you they are the best around. Its not until the inspection phase is over and they have your money that you find out their service was not what you expected. Sub-par reports, missed home defects and lack of attention to detail are problems that many people have with home inspectors across the country.

What makes us different? Well, since we are not simply a one or two person operation, we have a system of checks and balances that simply doesn't exist with most service providers. Home Inspection All Star has a thorough process of choosing a home inspector and making sure they are in fact certified, insured and licensed. On top of that we follow up with every customer that uses one of our inspectors to make sure they are living up to the All Star name. Most large companies are franchised, so even if there are problems with a technician in a certain area the company is stuck with them for an extended period of time. Thats not how we operate! Our number one priority is customer satisfaction and we will replace people if they are not living up to expectations, even if that means we have to miss out on business while we are searching for someone that not only meets but exceeds our high standards.